Executive Wear

Heading for the top

Ann Prescott understands the challenges faced by women in business and will ensure that you’ll be dressed to succeed!

Looking professional doesn’t mean leaving your personal style behind, but your goal is to project a competent image. Even today, people make judgements about you based on what you wear. The styles, colours, lengths and fit of your fashion choices speak volumes about your ability to do your job.

Colours play a big part in professional image. Whether you stick with traditional executive colours like red, navy, grey and black, or go for louder tones or bold prints will depend on your own personality. There’s no reason to always dress conservatively, but you need to make your choices with care. And fit is everything.

Finding that perfect balance for the workplace is not always easy. As women, we have to avoid looking too sexy, too casual, or too sloppy. At the same time, we don’t want to look too hard-edged or robotic. I’m sure that, at one time or another, we’ve all envied the men at work who can just sling on a suit, shirt and tie and be satisfied!

For us, however, the challenge is greater — and far more exciting! Our journey together will begin with an exploration of styles, colours and fabrics which is, in itself, an enjoyable process. From this will emerge an individual master pattern, which can then form the starting point of each and every garment made for you. Over the course of our relationship, which I hope will last for many years to come, that pattern will be tweaked whenever necessary to reflect your changing shape and your preferred fit.

Each garment then begins with a toile, which we will use to create the perfect fit for each item before working on the beautiful fabrics we will have chosen, perhaps following a trip to a fabric shop together. At each fitting, the objective is to ensure accurate progress until you put on the completed garments, look in the mirror and think, “Perfect!” But, more than that, you should feel perfect, and ready to face whatever the working world can throw at you!

Let’s get the process started with an informal chat about what kind of work wardrobe you’re looking for, and take it from there.

Call me now on 01273 271305 or 07800 820345 or email info@annprescott.co.uk.